From the mind of the mighty Eiichiro Oda, Shueisha, Netflix and Tomorrow Studios bring a live action version of the incredibly popular manga ONE PIECE to the screen. 

The pirates are coming!

"Together, the cast create an outlandish, zany vibe that perfectly fits the Saturday-morning-cartoon feel of the original, complete with dynamic camerawork and VFX-filled fights lifted straight from the manga." - ★★★★ Empire

"In a TV landscape that feels rife with deep crime dramas, tragedy and frequent bad news, it’s incredibly refreshing to watch a show that has so much heart wrapped up in its meaty storytelling." - ★★★★ Radio Times

"Netflix's take on Eiichiro Oda's world of adventure and piracy stands tall on its own as the kind of nostalgic, swashbuckling adventure we don't see enough of these days." - A- Collider

"It’s a series that captures the spirit of adventure and dream-chasing possibility that’s helped make its source material one of the most popular stories in recent memory." - 8/10 Paste Magazine

"The new series feels whimsical and fantastical, with healthy doses of cartoonish violence thrown in for good measure." - B+ AV Club

"By putting its faith in its characters’ youthful joie de vivre, One Piece delivers enough fun to thrill the inner child in tweens and grown-ups alike." - The Hollywood Reporter

"Netflix adapts Eiichiro Oda’s epic, silly, radical anime in live action and manages the impossible: It works." - Vulture

"An unabashedly fun watch [that] outdoes prior live-action anime and manga attempts. One Piece actually delivers on the promise of its source material, thanks to big stylistic swings and an instantly memorable crew of characters." -Mashable

"Unlike Netflix’s past attempts at bringing two-dimensional characters to life by way of approximating visual “accuracy” and recreating iconic shots from cartoons, One Piece works surprisingly well by getting the truly important things — like a robust sense of place and action sequences that feel organic — quite right." - The Verge

"One Piece is one of the rare well-made live-action anime adaptations. The show is full of heart, from its vibrant set and wardrobe designs to the disarmingly charming found-family dynamic that the live-action crew so effectively exudes." - Kotaku

"It revels in the slapstick fights but doesn’t skimp on making you care about these knowingly ludicrous characters. The stakes feel real, even when the set dressing is deliberately unreal." - The Wrap

"Netflix's new One Piece live-action series breaks the curse of bad anime adaptations, staying true to the source material and delivering a great show in its own right." - Screen Rant

"It splits its time and focus among a brilliant ensemble, with talented, game actors bringing well-rounded characters to life, and delivers big on every element from costume design, visual effects, fight choreography, structure, and pacing. […] This is, as far as anime adaptations go, as good as it gets." - Ready Steady Cut