July 2021

GONE is on Apple TV as part of the British Urban Film Festival.

February 2021

Some lovely reviews of my episodes of The Watch: 

Reviews for Nowhere in the Multiverse Episode 7.

“La mise en scène d’Emma Sullivan est très bonne. Elle jongle parfaitement avec les deux mondes et les différents personnages. On prend beaucoup de plaisir à voir évoluer les mêmes comédiens dans des rôles parfois complètement différents qu’ils s’approprient impeccablement. L’humour est très présent, et certaines séquences sont vraiment agréables visuellement. On ne s’ennuie jamais et les passages décalés ont une certaine finesse.”

“Emma Sullivan's direction is very good. She perfectly juggles the two worlds and different characters. We take great pleasure in seeing the same actors perform in sometimes completely different roles that they execute perfectly. The humor is up front, and some sequences are really visually pleasing. You never get bored and the quirky passages have a distinct finesse.’


‘we can take a moment to reflect on one delightful tale. One that did a phenomenal job of making us laugh, whilst giving us plenty to chew upon. For it is rare to see a fantasy story take the time to remind us to make the best choices we can in whatever situation we’re facing, and to course correct and make the right call if we goof at first. Which really is an inspiring and hopeful message to inject into a fantasy tale and truly, it should be interesting to see what kinds of messages and commentary the season one finale of this series is going to send our way. Because clearly, this show wants to teach us something powerful with every story it tells..’


Review for Ep 6 The Dark in the Dark.

“In the end however, it is best to declare this episode to be outright brilliant, through and through. Because this story really did manage to offer up all kinds of magnificent surprises storytelling wise since its commentary was poignant and powerful and downright inspiring for certain. Because Cheery’s journey in this tale will likely give direction to others that are struggling with their own fight in regard to finding themselves and that’s just wonderful, and it adds depth to this story as well and truly, this surprise push to add layers to this unique story is making it an essential watch. One that is undoubtedly leaving all of its fans eager and anxious to see where this story is headed next as it continues to inject new life into a classic genre that’s been long overdue for a modern makeover.’


May 2020

Before lockdown and being sent home from South Africa, I made some film sketches. I plan on sticking them in my promos section... here’s one.

Doctor Who

Some pleasing reviews of The Haunting of Villa Diodati, Doctor Who, including a 5 star review from the Radio Times. 

The Watch.

I’m happy to say that I’ll be directing the finale of the first series.

The Watch is a genre-busting series that follows a group of misfit cops as they rise up from decades of helplessness to save their corrupt city from catastrophe. Uniquely anarchic and thrillingly entertaining, the character-driven drama follows several of Terry Pratchett’s best-loved creations from his “Disc world” novels on a riotous and emotional odyssey.

Doctor Who- Series 12.

Over the last 6 months I've been working on the next series of Doctor Who. I directed episodes 7 and 8. We filmed in Cardiff, Land of Dragons. That is all I am allowed to say. They'll be broadcast in the last two weeks of February 2020.

Gone ~ awards and screenings.

Gone Wins Diversity in the Arts award at LADFF, is selected for Underwire, Norwich and Bolton Film Festivals. Screenings throughout Autumn.

New Representation in the US

Absolutely delighted to say that Katy McCaffrey and Sean Barclay of The Gersh Agency LA, will be representing me in the USA.  


GONE won a Fresh Future Award!

From the lovely folk from Fabrik- Gone has won a coveted Fresh Future Carbon award. See the other fine entrants and winners here:


I'm directing something - but if I tell you what it is, I'd have to kill you.


Short Film Gone has been selected by Fastnet Film Festival, Ireland and Mammoth Lakes Festival, California. Both screenings are in May 2019.


I've directed the finale of Silent Witness this year, airing February 4th and 5th 2019. 

Writer: Michael Crompton & Virginia Gilbert
Producer: Kiaran Murray-Smith
DoP: Sergio Delgado
Editor: Benjamin Gerstein
Exec Producer: Richard Stokes

THE HOLE selected for Official Selection of the BAFTA recognised Aesthetica Short Film Festival November 2018.



I was invited by Stereohype to contribute to their B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) pin badge series. It was wonderful to dust off my design skills and use my photographs for an art project again. My set of four are based on the elements:

Cloud / Air  ~ Slow / Earth ~ Flower Crown / Water ~ Light Switch / Fire.

You can purchase the pins individually or as larger giclée prints here.



I am delighted to have been selected for the BAFTA Elevate Programme 2017. I feel very lucky to be part of this talented group of women and hope that we can all progress to directing high end Television and Features with the support of BAFTA and its members.  

It's time for a change. 


The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has revealed the names of 15 female directors it will be supporting through BAFTA Elevate, a new bespoke annual programme that aims to elevate individuals from under-represented groups to the next stage of their career. The participants were welcomed at a reception of Wednesday evening (17 May), attended by leading film and television executives.

The 2017 BAFTA Elevate programme addresses the low numbers of female directors being employed in the industry – between 2004 and 2014,  just 13.6% of working directors were female (Directors UK, 2016) – and will support the participants to progress in high-end television and feature films.

Raising Films Making it Possible Panel at the LSFF 

The wonderful critic and Raising Films co-founder Sophie Mayer hosted this panel about how to be a parent or carer and a filmmaker. My co-conspirators included Jessica Levick, Manjinder Virk and Alex Taylor. It was great to be a part of such a positive group.

Festival News 

The Stick (The Screenwriter's Revenge) is selected for The London Short Film Festival 2017 and nominated for the Lo-Budget award. It will screens in the programme LO-BUDGET MAYHEM at HACKNEY PICTUREHOUSE, 13/01/2017 20:30.

Come and join us.


BAFTA award winning series on CBBC, series 6 will be broadcast in the New Year and promises to be as ambitious, entertaining and funny as ever. I loved working with this wonderful cast and crew up in Manchester. 

Find Your Feet 

Finalist in Save the Earth! Competition, at Academy Awards Accredited® Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Competition, JAPAN 2016

Everyday Fiction - Metal Gallery
Collaboration with Artist Alison Ballard July 2016

I've been writing stories for Alison Ballard, a sound artist, for her artwork: 'Everyday Fiction' for the gallery Metal. This specially commissioned, site-specific, digital sound artwork is available to listen to for the foreseeable future, in Chalkwell Park at Southend-on-Sea. But if you can't get there, you can listen to the story I wrote here:

Everyday Fiction